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Cayin A-55TP Tube Integrated Amplifier

with MM Phono Stage 

10500.- TL + KDV


The Cayin Audio A-55TP uses four KT88 Output Tubes for Class AB1 Push Pull Amplification. The craftsmanship is first rate, inside and outside. The torodial power transformer and EI output transformers are specially designed and manufactured for the Cayin A-55TP. 



40W Per Channel Integrated Amp (Ultralinear)

18W Per Channel (Triode)

All Tube Throughout

Hand-Made Chassis

Point To Point Wiring

Remote Control

Soft Start Technology, Extends Tube Life!

Ultralinear or Triode Mode Selectable from Remote.

Toroidal Power Transformer.

Enough power to drive most small and medium size loudspeakers.

Tubes always sound richer, smoother, more natural.

Rigid Chassis for solid build platform.

Adjust volume, select input and choose output mode (Ultralinear/Triode) from your seat via Remote.

Toroidal transformers run cooler, and have lower stray magnetic fields so they run quieter with no hum.

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